Membership has its benefits …

Membership is voluntary however continued annual support from members allows us to maintain our involvement and activities.

Membership benefits include:

  • Annual meetings to address Ratepayer’s concerns.
  • Representation of Ratepayer’s interests through taking an active role in lake, municipal and township concerns.  For example, the 2014 Brady Lake Road work.
  •  Fostering a greater sense of community and fellowship.
  •  Membership in FOCA (Federation of Ontario Cottager’s Association) with access to FOCA benefits including but not limited to:
    • Insurance discounts
    • Cottage Life magazine special pricing
    • Discount for BOATSmart
    • Free cottage related magazines
  •  Annual Regatta on the August long weekend including admission and prizes.
  •  Annual Picnic and Games on the August long weekend including admission and prizes.
  •  Maintain the Lake Fishing and Athletic trophies.
  • Cottage Watch program.
  • Installation and maintenance of the Brady Lake sign.
  •  The Annual General Meeting on the September long weekend.
  •  Maintain an informative website and social community.
  •  Partnerships/communication with organizations pertinent to our lake’s future.
  •  Arrange for Lake Health and Status reports through Lake Partnership Program.
  •  Access to State of the Lake reports, both current and historic.
  •  An active Board of Directors.

The yearly membership fee is $35 per cottage. Activate or Renew your Membership via Cheque/Cash

ONLINE PAYMENT NOW AVAILABLE – Activate or Renew your Membership Online

We are a volunteer organization and therefore membership dues directly benefit our members and are used to host events, continue federation membership and provide information/services for our membership.

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