Helpful Links

We have collected a number of helpful Brady Lake related links and posted them here to easy access.  Where possible we have included a website and various social media links so you can easily stay updated on these organizations through your preferred method.  If you know of any helpful links you would like to share…

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Community Sponsors

Our Community Sponsors Each year a number of the businesses and individuals in our community sponsor and provide prizes for our events.    These donations help make each of our events a success.   We encourage our members to support those businesses that have sponsored us.   For sponsorship and advertising opportunities please contact us. Brady Lake Sign Total…

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State of the Lake Report

Occasionally the Brady Lake ecosystem is assessed through the Lake Partnership Program currently offered by Fleming College.    This assessment delves into many areas and in the end provides interesting and valuable information for current and future property owners.    This study is supported and funded by the Brady Lake Ratepayer’s Association and it is our hope…

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