We have collected a number of helpful Brady Lake related links and posted them here to easy access.  Where possible we have included a website and various social media links so you can easily stay updated on these organizations through your preferred method.  If you know of any helpful links you would like to share please let us know.

Local Information Links

Country of Haliburton    Website  Twitter

Minden Times      Website    Facebook   Twitter

Township of Minden Hills   Website

Township of Minden Hills Emergency & Health Services    Website

Hydro One      Website    Hydro One Storm Centre   Twitter

Ontario Provincial Police     Website   Twitter  Facebook

Pan Am/ParaPan Games 2015    Website   Facebook   Twitter

Haliburton Highlands Tourism    Website   Twitter   Facebook

Cottage Information Links

Federation of Ontario Cottager’s Associations (F.O.C.A)   Website   Facebook   YouTube

Ministry of National Resources and Forestry     Website   Twitter








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