2020 Scavenger Hunt to replace the 2020 Regatta
Saturday, August 1st, 2020

Registration begins: 8:00 am
Deadline for Submissions: 9:00 pm 


Winners announced: August 2, 2020 – 4:00pm 

Cost: Members Free, Guest Submissions $35 per group. 

At 8:00 am we will post a link to the Scavenger Hunt List here on this page.  

You can also pick up a printed copy of the Scavenger Hunt List, pay your membership fees and purchase BINGO tickets at 2574 Brady Lake Road (Amanda’s Cottage).  If you are coming by boat look for the green sign on the dock.  

Points will be awarded for the each item found as well as creativity and spirit for select questions.  Any final ties will be broken by random draw.  

All entries will be entered into a draw for 2 prizes and the winning group will be awarded the family trophy for 2020 (members only).

Please don’t forget to email any fishing trophy entries to president@bradylake.ca or bring them with you when paying your membership dues.  

All dues must be up to date to qualify to win any BLRA trophies.